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    Explosive Treason
    By Michael Treis
    As I continue to study the horrific images of the controlled demolition of the WTC
    Towers, and that is what it was, I see more and more evidence of Explosive Treason. As I
    have said from day one explosives brought down the buildings NOT the planes. I
    continue to prove this through the careful study of these images.
    The fact that explosives brought down the buildings, leads to another problem. These
    explosives were in buildings 1, 2 & 7 BEFORE 9-11. As mine or anyone else’s explosive
    training will tell them; you do not take massive quantities of explosives into a BURNING
    building (WTC 7) equipped with detonators, place and sequence them all in less than 7
    Larry Silverstein the owner of the lease of the WTC complex
    stated in a PBS interview said: “the fire department officials came to me and said they
    didn’t think they were going to be able to contain the fire and keep it from spreading.
    Then Silverstein said: “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander,
    telling me they weren’t sure they were going to be able to contain the fire. I said we’ve
    had such a terrible loss of life maybe the smartest thing to do is just pull it. They made
    the decision to pull, then we watched the building collapse.” Proving they had a
    controlled demolition of building 7. When were the explosives placed in the building?
    Tower 2 the second tower to be struck and the majority of the fuel from the plane
    erupted into a spectacularly large fireball outside of the
    building. Therefore not adding
    large amounts of fuel to the fire as in Tower 1 .Yet Tower 2 was the FIRST to collapse.
    In the above picture of Tower 2, I have arrows pointing to explosive debris exiting the
    building. It is differentiated from smoke and other debris under high over pressure from
    the collapse of the building in the fact it does not billow and roll as it comes out. It will
    come out in a strait but slightly conical pattern. I would have you note on the top right
    hand side of the picture, you will see three arrows point at double plumes of explosive
    debris, where shape charges were used at the corners to cut the framework.
    Above you see the beginning of the detonation of the top of Tower 1. I have
    underlined the explosive debris exiting the windows.
    In the above view of Tower 1 you will see an arrow pointing at a large plum of
    explosive debris. Note the strait but slightly conical pattern as opposed to the billowing
    clouds of rolling smoke and debris.
    This next shot taken seconds later also shows explosive debris exiting at high speed,
    not billowing like the cloud ob smoke and debris.
    In the above photo as explained in A, large sections of the framework are propelled
    outward from the building ahead of the cloud of debris. If these sections had not had
    explosive charges they would have been much closer in. The two arrows B are pointing
    to a plum of explosive debris traveling upwards at a high rate of speed much like a
    pyroclastic volcanic cloud that shoots upwards and out propelled by the tremendous force
    of the eruption. A collapse does not send debris upwards to any extent as this.
    From the History channel is a picture of a controlled demolition note the explosive
    The greatest problem with the official “pancake” hypothesis in the World Trade Towers
    collapse is their inability to explain the enormous dust clouds generated by the collapses.
    When the tops of the buildings had barely started to move, we saw the characteristic jets
    of fine dust mixed with larger chunks of debris being shot out from the building for some
    distance. In the first few seconds of a gravitational fall nothing moves very fast. From the
    beginning fine dust like concrete can be seem blowing out to the sides, growing to an
    enormous dust cloud as the collapse progresses. The fine gray dust was literally
    crystalline concrete. It takes great pressure to break down concrete to a crystalline
    structure, overpressure that could only be caused by high explosives.
    The floors themselves are 39" thick, the top 4" is a poured concrete slab, with
    interlocking vertical steel trusses.
    This would absorb a lot of kinetic energy as one floor fell onto another crumpling, and
    pulverizing a small amount of concrete striking the floor below. There is instead a very
    fine dust being blown out to the sides as if 400,000 cubic yards of the entire mass of
    concrete was converted to a crystallized dust. Remember too that the tower fell at almost
    the speed of a gravitational free-fall, meaning that little energy was expended doing
    anything other than accelerating the floor slabs.
    The rough amount of concrete in a single floor was 1 acre x 4". The bond between the
    chemical had to be overcome in order to reduce it to a crystalline powder, this requires
    the energy of high explosives. If such energy had been expended in pulverization of that
    concrete the energy absorbed would have slowed the speed of the fall greatly.
    The buildings fell in a 9-12seconds. The time t required for an object to fall from a height
    h (in a vacuum) is given by the formula t = sqrt(2h/g), where g is the acceleration due to
    gravity. Thus an object falling from the top of one of the towers (taking h = 1306 feet and
    g = 32.174 ft/sec2) would take 9.01 seconds to hit the ground if we ignore the resistance
    of the air and a few seconds longer if we take air resistance into account. This means that
    very little of the gravitational energy can have gone toward pulverizing the
    concrete. There is only one explanation explosives were used in all three buildings.
    Now that I have your attention and have shown what explosive debris is in numerous
    examples, here are the questions you must ask yourself.
    1. Since the explosives were obviously placed in the building BEFORE 9-11, when?
    2. To consider this you must ask yourself who would have access? It would require
    access to security control.
    3. Why would someone place explosives in these three buildings if they didn’t have
    prior knowledge of 9-11? (They had to have explosives as these towers could have
    withstood multiple hits by 707 jets, that is what the designer says).
    Now if prior knowledge existed, which it did, then someone has committed the most
    heinous act of treason in American history! Explosive Treason!
    In My second book The Destruction of America… Conspiracy of Consensus (see: ) I documented prior knowledge by Attorney David
    Shippers former Chicago D.A. Mr. Shipper had two FBI agents who were under a gag
    order from the Justice Department turn over their files to him. These files proved without
    a doubt that Project Bojinka was in play. Project Bojinka was a plan found by the FBI in
    the Philippians on terrorist’s computer in 1995. It was a plan to take passenger jets full of
    fuel and crash them into landmarks in Washington D.C. and lower Manhattan. Mr.
    Shippers did NOT sit on the information. He went to Secretary of Defense Donald
    Rumsfeld’s AND Attorney General John Ashcroft’s offices and relayed the information,
    to no avail. He talked with some Congressmen also. No One would do anything. (You
    can read the whole interview with Mr. Shippers and Alex Jones at: )
    There are numerous instances of German, Russian, Italian, British and Israeli
    intelligence warning the Bush administration that this terrorist attack was imminent.
    These folks however, like to play dumb. It was a giant intelligence failure! It was the
    worst OOPS we ever had! We were blind-sided! These people KNEW it was going to
    So this most heinous act of terrorism took place with prior knowledge AND
    complicity of this administration. Nearly 3000 people MURDERED, for what?
    Rabbi Dov Zakheim former Comptroller of the Pentagon and #2 man in the Dept. of
    Defense, co-authored an article entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy,
    Forces and Resources for a New Century" which was published by The Project for a New
    American Century in September 2000, exactly a year before 9/11; in this article, on page
    51, it is stated that "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change,
    is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new
    Pearl Harbor"! Prior to working for the Pentagon & DOD Rabbi Dov Zakheim was
    Chief Executive Officer of System Planning Corporation's International Division. System
    Planning Corporation main claim to fame is the Flight Termination System (FTS) which
    allows the takeover of an aircraft prior to flight or in flight. It allows the remote control of
    up to eight planes by one controller.
    What did this new Pearl Harbor give us, two wars both wanted and planned in advance
    by this administration. The Bush administration held extensive talks with the Taliban
    regime from February 1999 to August 2001 with the aim of securing control over the vast
    oil and gas reserves in Central Asia through the construction of an oil pipeline from the
    rich oil fields in Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakstan, to Afghanistan, Pakistan and
    onto the Indian Ocean. During the negations the US representatives told the Taliban,'
    either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.'"
    Mr. Dick Cheney sat on the Afghanistan Oil reserve Control Board prior to being Vice
    President. It is his former company Halliburton that is connected to the main contractor,
    as well as being the largest contractor in the Iraq War. Follow the bucks, and the power.
    Since 9-11 we have passed the Patriot Act 1 & 2 , and other draconian legislation that
    has literally destroyed the framework for the Constitution. We now have a national ID
    card in th form of new drivers licenses with RFID (radio frequency Identification) chips
    embedded, so we may be tracked. You can have your house searched without a search
    warrant. You may be arrested without benefit of counsel, and held incommunicado until
    the end of the “war on terrorism.” There are over 300 concentration camps ready waiting
    and staffed in this country for individuals who won’t easily comply with these new laws.
    How would you know if people were taken if the news media didn’t tell you? Because
    they won’t.
    We as Americans must either take back this country county by county, for the county is
    the cornerstone of government. We must form Common Law Courts and Grand Juries to
    bring the unaccountable people in high places to justice, or become slaves and serfs in the
    new Amerika foretold in the miniseries of the 1980’s, a place little better than now
    socialist Russia. We have some tough choice and rough times ahead so PRAY you
    choose well.
    Yahshua Messiah Sabbath Day Ministry
    C/O general delivery USPO
    Waxahachie, Texas, (75165)


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